The rise of Web3 and Digital Assets

Digital Assets

The rise of Web3 and Digital Assets will transform the internet as we know it.

Not that long ago the World Wide Web was initially dismissed as a fad. Doubt and regulation clouded its potential and until 1993 when the first commercial transactions over the Internet were prohibited. Dial-up modems, limited applications and interfaces didn’t make the internet that appealing. Nevertheless a spark had been lit and innovators flooded the market making it more accessible. By this point the momentum had gained a critical mass and the world was changed forever. By the mid 2000’s the mass centralisation of the internet ensued with the largest platforms providers focused on centralised user data collection.

The advent of bitcoin and blockchain technology has solved a critical problem through the creation of distributed ledger technology. Although bitcoin remains controversial the underlying technology and infrastructure provides a greater level of trust and privacy across the internet. Bitcoin represents a gateway for digital money while its offspring Ethereum, and other smart contract blockchains, are an important means to re-architect the current centralised Internet. Scaling a new global network to support this disruption has taken time but it’s now reaching an important tipping point. This rapid development of applications have the ability to solve many real world problems, while removing costly and inefficient middlemen.

Selenean’s investment thesis supports the assumption that the Internet is entering its next phase which will provide major disruption to centralized intermediaries. DeFi and NFTs are a classic example of how much progress has been made in making Web3 mainstream and we are confident it will soon disrupt existing norms, and provide further momentum to the metaverse and play-to-earn gaming sectors.

Selenean Capital provide a diverse and measured portfolio of investments so that our clients can benefit from our wide range of expertise in property, financial services and technology. Digital assets are a new phenomenon which introduce new concepts and business models. Understanding these models require a different type of thinking and we believe Selenean is perfectly positioned to participate in what will be extraordinary value creation.